The Brand

The Brand

Mobel Grace Contract Division is the leader in efficient and quality adaptation of complex designs with time bound delivery. MOBEL GRACE is proud of its 23 year history as a renowned contract production partner, esteemed for our technology, innovative materials and expert craftsmanship in creating the finest interior furniture and fixtures.

Though rooted in strong traditions and business values, MOBEL GRACE also continues to grow and innovate with an eye for future trends and technology. A distinguishing feature of MOBEL GRACE’s services is its efficient use of technology from start-to-finish. Beginning with the understanding of the design concepts, MOBEL GRACE perfects the technical drawings, design engineering, manufacturing, using any designated materials, and finally the installation and finishing.

Vision and Mission


MOBEL GRACE’s ultimate mission is to create interiors of the highest distinction and functionality. Combining our artisanship skills with the architects vision, MOBEL GRACE aspires to create spaces that will be marveled for generations to come.


To continue our journey as the leader in creating distinct furniture and fixtures of the highest quality. To expand, bringing our services and products to newer markets. To continue to grow with future market trends while embracing our tried and tested traditions.


To bring our clients unparalleled innovation, service and satisfaction. To create furnishings and products of the highest craftsmanship, quality, comfort, functionality and durability. To seize opportunities that embody our philosophy to be socially and environmentally conscious.