After Sales

After Sales

Repair and maintenance service by experienced technicians. In stock replacement parts, Furniture repair and maintenance (wood touch-up and reconditioning) Upholstery, fabric protection and refurbishment


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All items in the Mobel Grace collections stand out for their exceptional quality, a process that begins with the painstaking and detailed choice of raw materials.

All phases of the production process are subject to rigorous quality controls, from the design phase to experimentation with innovative materials, from aesthetic research to the production of every single item and final testing.

Our quality is the result of our savoir-faire and the artisanship and industrial expertise we have acquired in over 20 years of history and experience, unchanged in terms of spirit, but always ready to accept the challenges of modern life.

Bespoke Services

Mobel Grace’s team consists of business developers, project managers, draftsmen, engineers, production supervisors and customer service assistants to collaborate with architects and designers, interpreting their creative concepts and executing every detail of the project.

Beginning with understanding the design concept, the team perfects the technical details, shop floor drawings, manufacturing, and finally the installation and finishing details. All stages are punctuated with impeccable quality control and customer service.

Implementation Process

A technical team collaborates with the designer or architect to review initial design concepts. A business development expert confers with the client to understand the logistics to execute the work. Very carefully the concept is transformed into a functioning technical work product. Engineers and other specialists create shop drawings for production of the custom furniture and fixtures in accordance with the project's design specifications. Using the finest materials and expertise, Mobel Grace builds, crafts and installs all furnishings, fixtures and accessories for any interior space envisioned by its clients. In particular, Mobel Grace has gained a reputation in for its extraordinary work in the lifestyle and retail sector. Thanks to Mobel Grace's ability to skilfully capture. corporate brand identities, its work has been commissioned by some of the world's most prestigious fashion brands, such as: Omega, Chanel, Longines, Raymond Weil and many others.

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Packaging & Delivery

Secure Packaging

Our staff is well trained and has exacting standards for all kinds of packing and shipping requests. We ensure secure packaging so that the customer is rest assured about products being damaged in transportation. Our service, quality and delivery are our finest virtues and our customers always come first!

Timely Delivery

We always endeavor to achieve smiles for our customers by delivering products as per schedule. Not before or after but rather on time to facilitate smooth installation as per their priority and plans.

Installation & Onsite Supervision

Our customers deserve a proactive approach! In conjunction with our installation team, our Project Managers will be on-site to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed and that any outstanding items are finalized.

We will work with you at developing a punch list so that your needs are completely met and nothing remains undone.

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Professional Installation

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